All children deserve equal access to a successful future. 

Unfortunately, many children are not given the opportunity to reach their full potential due to their socioeconomic status.

As public schools rely heavily on local and state funding, there is significant inequity in the education system: children that live in affluent areas have access to high-quality education while those in poverty struggle with limited resources.

More than 1 in 4 Black children are poor (26.5%) compared to 1 in 12 white children (8.3%). In fact, 71% of the children living in poverty are children of color (Children's Fund).

This wealth gap has resulted in a $23 billion difference in public education funding between majority white school districts and non-white school districts.

We are committed to fighting for equity for every Black child. All children deserve access to a successful future despite their race or socioeconomic status; so for every doll purchased, we will donate 10% of our profit to charities that empower Black children and improve access to quality education. This year, we will be supporting the following organizations that focus on improving child poverty and education here in the US and in our motherland, Nigeria: